A bunch of awesome developments:

1. We have finally, finally, finally stopped sleeping on an air mattress at my brother’s place and have moved into our new spot in the Ukranian Village, aka Bucktown, aka East Village, aka Wicker Park. No internet yet though. Posting this from our super awesome best-kept secret, hidden jewel coffee-shop/best place to grab a beer and listen to local bands and still get free wifi place in Logan Square: Cafe Mustache! Seriously never go here because I am kind of in love with it and am secretive and jealous of my loves.

2. We already feel thismuch closer to our new neighborhood after scoring our new so good it’s bad, so bad it’s good and super good Chinese place. No seriously. It’s hard to find places that make a good pan-fried noodle.

Ok enough about good neighborhood joints although expect more of this stuff later. Pietre and I have been eating our way through Chicago and have OPINIONS.

The BEST Friday Fun News is that we have selected the first batch of apartments to make contact with. Tomorrow we’ll post pics of the project invitations we mailed to prospective participants.

Here are some kind of creepy photos of the buildings in question:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

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