Another awesome peepingtrain participant!

Yesterday we met up with Jack W., resident of Wicker Park. Like our previous participant, he had an amazing apartment. We loved the exposed brick, and big open floor plan (maybe peepingtrain should go into real estate). Jack brought his charming neighbor Derek along for the meeting. Derek ended up suggesting a few more peeping train participants, which we’ll be following up on shortly. Thank you Derek!

Jack told us he is a Harvard man, from Nebraska, working in finance, and is considering going for a law degree. Very laid back and affable dude. Jack has this to say about living so close the train:

“I have about four windows facing the platform, diagonally. For the most part, I don’t mind the train because it slows down into the station, so it is not that loud other than the bell that rings whenever the doors close. However, I do have to shut my blinds at night because people from the platform can see in, which turns my apartment into a museum diorama and has led to some awkward eye contact.”  (ed. note: I think I have the next blockbuster romcom…)

Naturally we watched some trains. Because it was nighttime you could look right into the train and see all the harried people with their “train face”. If I lived in this apartment I would be such a voyeur.

And to end this post on a nice humanitarian note: Jack had the presidential debates up on his tv, and it was nice to just be talking about art and reaching out to the Chicago community and totally ignoring politics for just a moment.

3 responses to “Another awesome peepingtrain participant!

  1. Our special thanks to Jack himself for:

    1. Coming up with a quick solution for measuring the windows, after we’d forgotten our tape-measure.

    2. Stashing his spirits in a globe liquor-cabinet! Although we did not imbibe, we did appreciate the distinguished and gentlemanly offer.

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