Hooray a third participant! Well make that four more participants. After much back and forth we miraculously (thanks to the Great Pumpkin) managed to meet up with Jenn S. and her three roommates at the same time on Halloween night. And as it turns out Jenn and Laura had both gone to Hampshire circa early aughts. Whoah.

By day Jenn is a consultant but on Thursday mornings, she hosts a show on Chirp Radio and participated in the Moth‘s storytelling Chicago Grand Slam last year. You can catch Jenn’s next act for for Thats All She Wrote at Swim Cafe this November 11th.

Jenn’s three roommates are Henry, Eric and Annaick. The apartment is huge and labyrinth-like thanks to the fact that it used to be an office for a start-up company. One room in the back is designated for band practice for some friends, and there appears to be at least two living rooms. Excellent place to live if you’re an artist.

Since there are so many windows that face the train, we’re thinking we may make drawings for more than one window. Jenn was very generous and pretty much gave us creative run of the place.

So excited to see how the group drawings come out!!

2 responses to “roomies

  1. And then of course, there was the rumor the roommates had heard that their place had once been a… den of iniquity for the Chicago Bulls during their championship seasons.

    Can’t quite remember if they said that was either a selling point or mark against taking the place… probably both.

    And as it turns out, Henry and Pietre were also Alumni of a shared school / common college, but were a year apart and did not know one another. Does the fact that we 4 wound up coming to Chicago say something about shared experience and Chicago’s appeal to people of this generation? … NAH. Coincidence!

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