Checkin’ in with our Peeps.


Installation week for PEEPING TRAIN’s premiere was a crazy and quite busy affair — hectic, adventuresome and in the end, successful!

On Sunday Nov 25th, Jack’s went up first. He had been busy hammering away at practice LSATs but graciously made time for our visit. His poster looks out from on high and just between a blue-line station-sign, prominent but still a surprise. In a bit of “small-world”-ness, it turns out Jack (sort of) knew his across-the-tracks fellow-participant Jenn, in a mutual-friend-of-a-friend way, because of Jenn’s radio-gig! Best of luck with the LSATs, Jack and thank you again. (Hopefully, we won’t ever need to ask you to represent us in a crazy legal jam!)

Gary’s was next that day and thanks to his being so handily inclined (having remodeled much of his building), together we managed to fix some initial installation difficulties we encountered. Due in large part to his suggestions, some sturdy wire and tiny screw-in eyelet-hooks, Gary’s poster is now far more sturdily standing watch! That follow-up Saturday too, we had the pleasure of hearing a few of the close-call film-crew “war stories” from his days shooting the documentary, “Dream Havana,” eg: they had to film under the guise of recording footage of landmark architecture, rather than reveal that they were in fact seeking probing interviews on location.

Our sole evening installation to date came with Jenn and her roommates. They not only welcomed us the evening of Monday the 26th — a school night even! — they even rolled up their sleeves and did a major window-cleaning prep. Thanks, Roomies! As we stood balancing on window ledges, we already noticed that more than a few commuters were giving our posters a curious look. Our first thumbs-up confirmation of a successful unobstructed view from the station platform came from Jenn herself however, as she ventured out in the cold to see for herself. It’s definitely a success when an i-phone recognizes a face you drew as a face, yes?

Thank you so much, everyone, for generously allowing us in to your homes…
and windows.

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