Peeping Train survives Apocalypse, Christmas… HAPPY NEW YEAR!

It was a close one, but Peeping Train made it through 12-21-12’s Mayan Apocalypse, unscathed. Moreover, the week prior to that, we revisited Peeping Train participants Nick & Rachel to install their finished posters. Hooray! Unfortunately, we missed seeing Nick again — he had specifically requested that the Movember-only goatee he’d worn when we first met him not make it into the illustration and we, of course, happily obliged. Fortunately for us, his sister Rachel was home to help us hang their posters! We were quite pleased with how they came out and glad that Nick and Rachel are as well. The siblings live but one floor below our very first Peep, Gary — as you can see in the following arrowed-photo.

Although our cold, numb Blue-Line-riding phone-fingers were a little slow on the shutter, we snapped what we could in passing. Perhaps some of you out there are quicker on the trigger? Here too for your viewing enjoyment are lil’ previews of Nick’s and Rachel’s posters — thank you again, guys!

UPDATE 01/02/13: Woot, hoot & hollar in the new year. Not unlike a patient Paparazzo, Peeping Train finally got a clear(er) shot at our Peephouse from the L on Wednesday afternoon! See its newly-added glory below.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

And as we met with a new participant earlier this month, know that there’s yet more Peeping on the way. See you in 2013. Happy New Year from your friends at PEEPING TRAIN!

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