“Cementing” The Deal / 1st Floor Secured!

Hello once again from your friends at Peeping Train!

For our 1st post of the new year, we’re hopping on the Blue-Line’s way-back machine. Way back to… er… late-December of 2012. It was then that we first met our latest Peeping Participant, Kent (not Clark). Kent lives on the first floor of what we’ve dubbed “The Peep House,” now so named because 3 other gracious residents have allowed us to “invade” their homes and artfully occupy their windows! Kent lives on the first floor of said building along the Blue Line (near the old People’s Gas Building apparently — atop which, he also told us, other artists had staged peformance-art pieces for passersby in the past). After recovering from a mighty flu, Kent welcomed Peeping Train into his swank pad for a chat.

As it turns out, Kent too is a visual artist. He had long worked behind the scenes at the Field Museum as well, acquiring — lawfully! — several interesting pieces, now since “modified” in a lighter-hearted fashion, for his wall. You’ll see a sampling of this collection below, along with some of his own work. Speaking of which:

Although trained as a painter, Kent’s personal work is now more sculptural. One recent series took the form of cement tiles. Although they appear as a kind of… digital topography, the way they were produced is actually quite analog. Kent repurposed old conveyor-belt-based manufacturing machinery and used it to create the cement tiles seen below. These tiles are on display and available for purchase at Haymaker! — a place well worth the visit to Andersonville if you’ve not already been.

As the final Peeping Participant we met in 2012, it was all the more apt that Kent was an artist himself, helping bridge Peeping Train’s successful premiere year with a sound, creatively-inclined beginning to 2013. We will see you soon with your window-poster in hand, Kent. Many thanks!

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PS: Everyone stay tuned for a collaborative announcement — just in time for an early Valentine’s Day!

2 responses to ““Cementing” The Deal / 1st Floor Secured!

  1. Gah! It has come to our attention that there may be a few factual errors present in our entry on Kent above. As our “fact-checking department” consists of 2 chicken-scratch-filled notebooks, please accept our apologies for any inaccuracies, sir! We will check back in with Kent upon delivering his finished piece and make sure to write any wrongs !

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