When Trains Collaborate…

Happy Super Sunday, Peeps!

With Valentine’s Day on the horizon and with Sports Teams ™ tusslin’ today, what better time than now to talk of chemistry and… er… collaboration!

In January, we at Peeping Train designed a T-Shirt for TransitTees.com ! In conjunction with Transit-Tee’s owner Tim — scholar, gentleman and designer that he is — Peeping Train put together the folkart-inspired image you see here. Indeed, sparks can fly when you ride the El. On the right is our beloved Peeping Train mascot, Winky, doing what he does best: winkin’ and peeping, peepin’ and winking.

Although there’s not yet a hard-date on the shirt’s arrival, when in Wicker do drop in on Transit-Tees at 1371 Milwaukee Ave, for all manner of aesthetically-pleasing and officially-licensed Transit-themed items.


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