A RED-CARPET night along the BLUE-LINE !

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The crown-jewel! Not unlike landing that long coveted Oscar — ooh, topical / current / dated! — The Peep-House is at last complete. As promised, we returned to the scene of our first crime to complete a clean 3-tier sweep of the L-facing windows — thanks to and through the generously open door of 21 year+ Wicker Park resident Kent P.

Peeping Train’s 8th poster has gone up in the Damen area at last. All told, since the project’s premiere in November, Peeping Train has produced 8 posters in 5 different apartments, depicting 9 residents — and hopefully, shedding some light on how they interact with the commuters and community that is always so close at hand.

Although we installed this last poster under cover of darkness last Monday, Kent P has since provided us with the daylight photo above. Kent had also already taken on the task of  hoisting and affixing the poster about the window-frame himself, taking on the (waiver-free) danger of mounting the poster for all the Blue-Line riding world to see. Thank you kindly, sir! Although we too/two would have (precariously) climbed the ladder ourselves, we very much appreciated your taking hammer and nail in hand, Kent. Apart from the man himself of course, also seen in the poster is our depiction of a few of Kent’s cement-tile pieces. It was apparently also not the first time artwork of his had been re-interpreted by another artist.

In catching up during installation, we learned that he works out of a studio space in the basement, shared with his landlord — antiques-dealer, filmmaker and 1st Peeping Train participant — Gary. Kent appears also to have the beginnings / continuation of a garden, out back and within apartment. (Peeping Train is cursed with a black-thumb when it comes to plants, sadly.) Although some of the basement studio-space is taken up by supplies for building-repairs-in-waiting, Kent did have an enviable set-up of table-space upon which to ply his cement trade. As Kent is sometimes asked to aid in Gary’s endeavors about town, the mutually beneficial set up seems quite sweet indeed.

In describing his process, Kent waxed poetic. As his cement tile artwork is made using single squares of rubber conveyor-belt, he often purchases these pieces only a few at a time. Kent said he felt strange buying so few pieces, saying that his supplier must often be left scratching their head, wondering. Hmm, just 3 feet? “What can he be conveying?” A play on words perhaps, but something always in mind, whether writing up wanky wall-text, at a cocktail party or at work in the studio, yes?

As for the errata we promised to correct: it turns out that the aforementioned impromptou rooftop-performances facing the train never happened. Kent himself was only just musing on the possibility. He is also on the 2nd floor and not the 1st, as previously-reported. The 1st available floor for apartment dwelling, yes — alas, we’re not in Europe and so it must be counted the 2nd floor we suppose. Luckily, twas just this and that which we needed to correct. We had not posted completely slanderous libel afterall! And just as we promised to keep Kent abreast of any of our forthcoming appearances of our work, we want too to keep you loyal readers abreast of Kent’s latest work  — as well as the creative work of all our past participants! Above are two of his most recent cement-tiles.

And while we’d like to thank the Academy and our agent, most of all we’d like to thank you — all of our Peeps — for everything!

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